I founded the Professor Joyice Collective based on a three-stranded cord: (1) the high demand for educational representation for Black students, (2) the increased need for school transition preparation, (3) and to fill the gap in relationship readiness for young adults and women.

I blend my education in psychology, my training in education, and my experience in school transitions to serve my community in teaching students and supporting families with their school choice options. It is highly important to me that transitional youth (ages 14-24) begin to learn self and how that pairs with relating to others to accomplish personal and professional goals. Too many youth enter adulthood with no guided counsel on how to cultivate relationship in a way that best serves them and others. I extend and cater this counsel to professional women only who could benefit in personalized counsel to communicate effectively and negotiate needs.

My platform exists to serve these three groups (youth, families, and women) and uplift our community with resources + services that celebrate our unique histories as a People and our special stories as individuals.  Though I have been deeply committed to this since 2011, I am now relaunching the Collective with a renewed focus and tenacity for my students and clients.

About Joyice

In a nutshell, I describe myself as a spunky personality with a sense of purpose and fierce dedication to help others in their school and selfhood journeys.

Throughout my career, I have held various academic roles from graduation counseling, student advising, and curriculum development. I have also studied the developmental psychology that underpins the relating process.

In time, I discovered that my passion lies in teaching students, preparing families through school transition, and supporting youth + women in relationship readiness with interests in developmental and educational psychology.

Over the years, I developed my successful flagship product Our History Revealed™​, a series of writing courses, and Black-interest classes. I am now designing an online “Relationship Readiness” course to meet the demands of busy learners in a virtual world.

Yes, this girl has a lot going on, but I love what I do!

I earned my B.A. in Psychology and M.A. in Educational Studies with a concentration in English for Grades 7-12. Interestingly, my capstone examined what I have coined as the 3Cs (creative, critical, and comprehensive) of communication within a culturally relevant classroom. I have continued to use this concept throughout my career while interacting with students and educators, and it has not failed me yet!

I am a mom to two growing sons ages 14 and 11. I  have enjoyed homeschooling them for the past several years and look forward to applying this knowledge both as a mom and an educator to transition students through important milestones.

In my free time, it is easy to find me reading, dancing, watching basketball, traveling, or learning a new language. Two things that most people do not know about me are: (1) I can read the Torah and (2) I persuaded a judge to rule in my favor with no convincing evidence! Apparently, my personality is quite the charm, which you will learn once you get to know me!