I have two on-demand virtual courses that will both be released as a beta to an exclusive group of students and participants. Beta students receive the full course as a discounted rate and are expected to give feedback, complete surveys, and exercise patience.

I also have live course offerings each semester. Subjects and topics vary by semester. In January 2021, I am teaching a Writing course and a History course, register here

Our History Revealed: Africans in Modern America

Subject – History
Length – 18 weeks
Course Description – Students will travel back in history to the Reconstruction Era through the Great Depression. We will learn about the contributions made to American History as we consider the social, political, and racial climates in each decade. I will teach students about known and unknown, and popular and unpopular topics and we will enjoy learning about Black culture through the decades. Various assignments and projects includes: Historically Black Colleges & Universities surveys, a historical research paper, historical analyses, African-American and American biographies, American Race Riot critiques, and African-American “firsts” highlights.

Relationship Readiness

Subject – Personal Development
Audience – Professional Women
Length – 8 weeks
Course DescriptionA self-journey of clarity and awareness to identify values, create and enforce boundaries, communicate effectively, and negotiate needs in relationship.

The beta course launches February 2021.