Welcome! I teach educational content in my mission to get as many Black students off the “bottom.” The Black Family is my heart and I serve this community to bring the words of Marcus Garvey to life in my work: Up, you mighty race, accomplish what you will!    


I teach both live and on-demand virtual courses.  For the 2021-2022 academic year, I am teaching an early high school-level Writing course and a high school-level English Language Arts course. See the roster below. I offer classes for junior + senior school students, but plan them each year based on interest and demand. Join my email list for educational courses if you are interested in upcoming classes.


I also plan to offer my history program as an online course in 2022. I am currently considering students to be a part of the course beta. Beta students receive the full course as a discounted rate and are expected to give feedback, complete surveys, and exercise patience. If you are interested, please see the course description below and join the waitlist.

English I

Subject –    English Language Arts 

Schedule – Tues & Thu, 10:00A – 10:50A
Level –         Grades 8-10
Length –     32 weeks
Course DescriptionThis course is designed to help students gain further insights into self and others, and to expand their skills and knowledge in English Language Arts (ELA). Students will learn strategies they can apply in other courses and non-school situations. Students will read short stories, poems, nonfiction works, and novels; and view visual works. Besides reading and viewing the works of others, students will be writing, representing, and speaking about those works and their own creations. I support students to expand their body of knowledge, explore thoughts, ideas, feelings, and experiences, comprehend, and respond personally and critically to oral, print, and other media texts, manage ideas and information, enhance the clarity and artistry of communication, and celebrate culture and build community. 

Classes begin Tuesday, August 31, 2021.

Descriptive Writing

Subject –    Composition & Rhetoric

Schedule – Tues & Thu, 11:30A – 12:20P
Level –         Grades 8-10
Length –     32 weeks
Course DescriptionThis course is divided in two parts: In Part I, I teach students how to write well-written descriptive and expository composition about nature and people and in Part II, students learn the art of persuasion through modeling the writing style and perspective of journalist Nellie Bly, writer Henry Williamson, athlete Jesse Owens, and statesman Winston Churchill. Students will write four-paragraph descriptive and impersonation essays. I teach them to craft an effective plot using conflict and character. We will employ a host of writing skills together including description, annotation, modes of persuasion (pathos, ethos, and logos), exposition, and analysis. Instruction will concentrate on organizing paragraphs and information, gathering relevant information, supporting claims, and avoiding plagiarism. Literary and rhetorical devices include alliteration, simile, metaphor, hyperbole, epistrophe, and anaphora. Students will begin to learn and apply MLA writing style.

Classes begin Tuesday, August 31, 2021.

Our History Revealed: Africans in Modern America

Subject – History
Length – 18 weeks
Course Description – Students will travel back in history to the Reconstruction Era through the Great Depression. We will learn about the contributions made to American History as we consider the social, political, and racial climates in each decade. I will teach students about known and unknown, and popular and unpopular topics and we will enjoy learning about Black culture through the decades. Various assignments and projects includes: Historically Black Colleges & Universities surveys, a historical research paper, historical analyses, African-American and American biographies, American Race Riot critiques, and African-American “firsts” highlights.