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Jan 8, 2021 | Culture

Welcome to Free-thought Fridays! I took the past two Friday off for the holidays, so this week’s Musings (mostly) covers events from the week of Saturday, December 19 – Friday, January 8. Let’s dig in!  

These are my top ten (shareable) thoughts in this week’s rhapsody of Ms. Jae’s Musings: 

Home, Sweet Home. I traveled back to North Carolina in December mainly to connect with my roots. I had not seen my summer childhood homes in years. I wanted to lay my eyes on it and walk around our family’s land to remember my people. As a girl, I spent the best summers of my childhood visiting a small Carolina town hangin’ with my cousins, uncles, grandparents, and my great-grandfather. Now, it is a ghost town. The elders have transitioned and the descendants have relocated. It was such a surreal experience to walk the streets of an once family-filled, buzzin’ place to a now quiet and almost forgotten area. #theresnotplaceclikehome 

The Curriculum Queen. You guys, I did it! After four long years, I finished writing and publishing Our History Revealed™: Africans in Modern America Volume II. I was determined to finish by the end of 2020 even if it meant I hit “send” on the final day of the year. The curriculum is a 36-week history program written for Grades 7-12 and includes a lesson guide for parents and a history journal for students.

To better support homeschooling families, I have also divided the curriculum into six units available for individual purchase as follows: (1) Early 20th Century, (2) WW1, Harlem Renaissance, & The Crash, (3) Pearl Harbor, American Baseball, and WW2, (4) The Civil Rights Movement, (5) The Vietnam War & Cultural Integration, (6) Yes, We Can! Each unit is ready for you to download from my shop. There is no other history curriculum on the market that has lessons which intentionally recognizes and celebrates The Black Woman, The Black Man, and The Black Family, but Our History Revealed™. You are in for a treat. #culturaleducator 

The Insurrection. I was minutes away from the Capitol when the insurrection began. Minutes! While I put nothing past 45, the footage seemed like something out of the movies. Tens of thousands of mostly angry white men breached the Capitol and took their stand on the Senate Floor. Wow. In Sam Jay’s Netflix special, “3 in the Morning,” she joked about how it isn’t the racism in itself, but it’s the audacity born from it. I am not sure that I had words for it before watching her sketch, but she hit the nail on the head. It’s def the audacity for me, and on both sides. Trump protestors have the white privilege balls to commit acts of domestic terrorism with no concern while the police have the slavecatcher-only gall to not act and defend. If those protesters were Black or Brown or Muslim, these communities would be in great mourning this week—and every single American knows it whether admit it or not. Hell, the world knows it.  

Image may contain: 3 people, text that says 'They mad... Oh, They mad? mad? They STAY mad.'
Y’all, Michelle’s face!

I was left to grab my copy of the DSM-V because I am certain that the condition of “breaking laws that you create” and “premediated acts of unnecessary violence” are mental states that require clinical diagnosis and meds. In the end, I suppose a thank you is due. After all, the 2021 Insurrection (especially compared to the 2020 Summer Protests) re-confirmed that white people commit violence just like any other group—and many times for no other reason but not getting their way. All that white-on-white crime this week, but the media never described in that way. Mobs of white thugs and criminals. Thanks, Retrumplicans for the modern-day example that it is not just us. #itstheaudacityforme  

University of Southern California. My presentation was all I imagined it to be. I was a total Rockstar—my audience was engaged, my delivery was smooth and timely, and my Q & A went well. These types of presentations are a bit weightier because you present to your peers and colleagues, which is a lot different than teaching students or subordinates. But I rocked the house and received a warm review. #livingmylifelikeitsgolden 

Blue Georgia. A Black southern pastor and a young Jewish politician are now the U.S. senator-elects representing Georgia. Congrats to Dr. Raphael Warnock, the first Black person to represent Georgia in the U.S. Senate and to Jon Ossoff, the first Millennial senator to be elected!  

In the Black community, we often complain about our lack of organization. So, I have to give credit where credit is due! Stacey Abrams, I know your organizational efforts (among others) helped to pull this off. You are a superstar and the definition of “Black Girls Rock.” I realize there were many others, but I just want to state for the record that the triad known as Stacey, Keisha, Raphael demonstrated excellent leadership skills in Georgia. Who would have thunk it? A “Stacey”, A “Keisha”, and a “Raphael”—the Black three-stranded cord of Georgia. I was raised in a red county of an Atlanta suburb that is now blue. To that, I say a Decata’ where it’s greata’ and a Mayretta’ where it’s betta’ to you. If you are not from ATL, that last part ain’t for you. #making(Black)history 

Bull City, Baby! Durham is one of my favorite places, for no other reason but it marks my beginning. It’s always a must-see place when I travel to Carolina. The pandemic gives the city a quieter and smaller feel than usual, but I enjoyed the peace and scenery. The sun was all over me. Do y’all see that glow?!? I did not intend it but somehow, I managed to pull off a look that gave me a Freddie from “A Different World” vibe. #sunkissed  

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Monthly Review. December 2020 is over and it’s that time again.  My business is important to me and I enjoy staying in the know with my progress and my wins and woes. Thankfully, last month did not pose any obstacles though it was a busy and hectic time. The bottom line is—I meet all my goals! #istayallinmybusiness 

Writing Wiz. I told you that I would share my latest article once it was published, so here it is. For your information, when a Bible-based publication invites me to write I like to teach on a broad issue highlighting culture and language while exposing fallacies and inconsistencies. I use as much modern-speak and contemporary parallels as possible. This article is about Naomi. In my personal opinion, Bible readers do not give her, her due and that makes me want to uplift her even more. The magazine is not free so I am sharing the first page for you as a “sample.” If you are interested in reading my article, download your copy of the magazine and scroll to page 30. Enjoy your read. #covermelikeNaomi

Currently, the feedback centers around these issues: 

  • Gratitude for uplifting Naomi
  • Shock at the presence of female agency in the story
  • Interest in Hebrew culture and language
  • Thanks for defining “coverage”
  • Appreciation that I mentioned that a woman can ask for her own favor

Relationship Readiness. For years, my family + friends and clients have told me to write a book and create a course on the art of getting ready for relationship. Though I am not quite ready to write that book, the course planning is in full swing! Relationship Readiness is an online course for women who desire the education and resources to position themselves for safe and sustainable relationships. Registration is full for students, yet I could use one more beta tester. Will that be you? If you are interested, send me an email. Thanks! There are many relational and social ills in America, and Black women find themselves on the bottom of the “hierarchy” as the less wed or partnered. There are some potential solutions that we as a community seldom discuss together. My work is not in “fixing the problem” because it’s too big for me alone, but it is in educating and equipping the Black women who have decided “not me.” Let’s do this, sis. #legacyminded

Sexy Games. I had the pleasure of being a beta tester for one of Marie Creative’s products. I was selected to sample Strip-Tac-Toe—the grown n’ sexy version of the traditional game with a seductive twist. I fancy the Black Love imagery and the “twist” in the play. It’s definitely an inexpensive way to add some flavor to adult game night. If you’re into play, I recommend this game with these X-O game pieces.

Love, Light, & Musings


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