Ms. Jae’s Musings ~ 18 December 2020

Dec 18, 2020 | Culture

Welcome to Free-thought Fridays! This week’s Musings (mostly) covers events from the week of Saturday, December 12 – Friday, December 18. 

Let’s dig in. 

It witnessed DC snowfall for the first time this week! 

I watched some of the total solar eclipse from Chile and Argentina this week! 

This week there is more Hanukah, more vaccine chatter, and the end of my homeschool semester.  

There is also space left in my writing class if you want in.  

My top ten (shareable) thoughts in this week’s rhapsody of Ms. Jae’s Musings:

Dear, Dr. Fauci. He seems like a credible scientist and I respect his work. However, I do not think that he understands how to address Black people in light of his most recent public statement. I *think* he meant well, but intent is not the point here, impact is. Many Black people are hesitant to take the COVID-19 vaccine because the American government does not have a history of protecting us. Our bodies have repeatedly been used to experiment on as if we were mere lab rats, and it is not okay. No white person has the liberty to tell us who to trust. The announcements remain directed at the wrong party. Instead of convincing Black people that a vaccine is safe, charge everyone on the vaccine team and all other hands it will pass through to act ethically towards humanity—especially Black people (history considering). 

Fauci’s statement exposes his ignorance of the Black community. How many times are we told to not speak on matters we know nothing about, but somehow it is permissible when non-Black people want to address Black people. Allow me to inform. Just because someone is Black does not necessarily or automatically mean that they will do right by the collective group. We have a cultural expression in our community that says “All skinfolk ain’t kinfolk.” While it is not my role to teach anyone how to convince Black people to receive this vaccine, I thought I would add that the way it is currently being done is not effective. Shout out to Dr. Corbett for her work. Fauci’s misstep doesn’t take away from it. Black girls rock. Where would this country be without us? #donttellmewhototrust  

My College Entrance Program. College admissions letters are in for students who applied for early decision. I have a few students in my program right now, but I want to brag on my first student to receive all of her admission letters back so far. When I tell y’all that I am good at what I do! One of my high school seniors was accepted into ALL her schools with incoming scholarship money from each one. Next, we’re calling back all schools because I know how to get more money and I’ll be prepping her for school admission interviews. Interested in my college entrance program? I got you! #freemoneyisthebestmoney

Dear, Georgians. Election Day for the U.S. Senate and Public Service Commission runoffs is January 5, 2021. That’s just 18 days away. Please vote. I no longer reside in the great city of Atlanta, but they still texting me like crazy asking for me to vote. So, I need y’all to be on top of it for me, mkay? If you’re able, make a donation too. C’mon, Georgia! Let’s flip the State and the Senate! You can also donate to either of these groups: The New Georgia Project, ACLU of Georgia, or NAACP Georgia. Thanks! #vote

Writing Wiz. This week I submitted my last article of the year to one of my favorite Torah-based magazines. I had the challenge of writing on a relationship topic to a female audience using a Biblical example with Hebrew language and culture while adding a modern twist. A mouthful, right? Tell me about it! The article is about an old widowed woman from Bethlehem. I love her story and how the Most High covered her. I chose to write about her because she has the greatest story told in the Book of an empty woman with a fierce desire for the Almighty’s favor to fill her up. When it publishes, I’ll share the link with you all because it is certainly a must-read. #covermelikeNaomi

Image may contain: text that says 'NEW ARTICLE COMING SOON! From Emptiness to Fullness: One Woman's Journey to be be Covered Doyice @professorjoyice'

Last December. Wow! It is amazing what a year’s time can do. This week last December I was exhausted working three jobs. I came home from work, plopped in front of my computer determined to find something better. Don’t get me wrong, I loved my work I just needed to consolidate big time. I scrolled and scrolled and then I found THE job. One application, two interviews, and a presentation later, and the job was all mine. It’s the best job too. This year, I am grateful that I love what I do and make enough money doing it. For next December, I hope I am writing you all from grad school! Here’s to another year!  #dreamsdontworkunlessyoudo  

Monthly Review. I enrolled in a business education course in October and learned about a reflective assignment from a fellow classmate. She shared that she records her major business highlights each month and then creates an image to capture it all. I loved it! I made a commitment to myself to do the same, so here’s my November 2020 in Review! (P.S. I have many emails and messages from you all asking about my new website. I am preparing a post to answer your questions. Many want to know my host. You’re welcome.) #istayallinmybusiness

American Skin. Have y’all seen the trailer? As a Black boy joy mama, I do not usually volunteer to stare at a screen for two hours watching somebody’s Black son’s unjustly death. Just when I was about to end the clip, the trailer gave me a twist—Nate Parker’s character actively seeks his son’s justice with a boldness that I am not sure I have witnessed onscreen before. The line that gripped me the most was “Why are we the only people in the country who are expected to do things without violence?”  A whole word! It constantly baffles me how a people group known for murder, rape, and pillage can also turn around and demand peace, obedience, and compliance from Black people. How, sway? “American Skin” releases January 15, 2021–right in time for Dr. King’s birthday. Enjoy! #mayjusticeabound

The Curriculum Queen. My team and I continue to prepare to release Our History Revealed™: Africans in Modern America Volume II this month. The 36-week history program is written for Grades 7-12 and includes a lesson guide for parents and a history journal for students, but I have also divided the curriculum into seven units available for individual purchase. Unit Three released this week titled “The 1940s: Pearl Harbor, American Baseball, and World War II.” It is ready for you in my shop! #culturaleducator 

TikTok. I have been avoiding it all year. First, I am not good with social media so another platform seemed pointless. Second, TikTok seems like a thing-to-do for the youngins and I wanted them to have their space without millennials all up in their lane. Then, it happened. I came across a teaching video explaining how to use TikTok to grow my business! You mean to tell me I can shoot comical, informative, and imperfect videos in just 15 seconds? Oh, please sign me up! So, I have a TikTok account as of yesterday with a new video added. My weekend is already planned to upload content! Follow me. See you there.  #ihopeitsbetterthanIG

The University of Southern California. I submitted my proposal to the 2020 Regional Conference on College Composition and Communication (CCCC): Building Diverse Communities through Writing at the University of Southern California, and it was accepted! My presentation titled “Writing through Social Identity and Awareness” will delivered in an instructional forum teaching teachers. It pinches that I am not actually sitting in sunny California enjoying USC’s campus and library, but still excited for the opportunity. We go live this weekend and guess who is up first on the speaking schedule? Yes, yours truly. I gotta’ come correct and set the bar.  Next week, I will tell you all about it. Send me good vibes. All the Black girl magic, and ish. #livingmylifelikeitsgolden 

Love, Light, & Musings


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