Ms. Jae’s Musings: April 20, 2020

Apr 24, 2020 | Culture

This is the week of April 20, 2020.

There is 4/20. There is Earth Day.

There is an anniversary for me somewhere in this week.

There is the day my brother was born.

These are my top ten (shareable) thoughts in this week’s rhapsody of Miss Jae’s Musings:

  • Georgia, or more so, Kemp is trippin’ with this reopening of the state. Barbershops? SMH.

Dear Black Men,

If you are already boo’d up, your girl is layin’ up with you sans haircut. If you have found yourself solo-dolo during this round of Rona, a haircut isn’t gonna help get you some. #jusayin I have heard the argument that you are starting to look “scary” with your thick curls and full beards on the Zoom work calls in front of your less-than-Black colleagues and need a cut ASAP. I get that. I hope you can find an alternative. But, be safe out here, mkay?

  • Have y’all seen LFE (Little Fires Everywhere)? I think Kerry Washington winced and sobbed in every episode—maybe even in every scene. It was a lot. I thought I was watching a light-skinned Viola Davis the entire season. #thatcry Whew! What more is there to say, but—Hang in there, Moody. Get therapy, Izzy. Be yourself, Pearl. You adults, just wow!
  • My late brother’s birthday was this week. If he were still Earthside, he’d be 31. So, you know. Shout out to him.
  • It’s Taurus season and these particular earthlings have not necessarily been my favorite people. In fact, I only know one who I really, really like; and she just so happens to be my female soulmate. (Yes, that’s a thing—or at least I just made it one, so there.) Her special day is coming. So, you know. Happy Earthday to her.
  • I still cannot believe we’re living through a plague.
  • I ordered a box of knick-knacks on March 30 and it still has not shipped. I don’t even know how to feel about it. What y’all think?
  • I submitted a proposal to present at the University of Southern California, and it was accepted! Then, the conference was postponed until 2021. Listen, Rona. I’m ouchea tryna’ upgrade my professional self. Please do not stir nuffin’ in 2021. This girl needs presentation experience on her CV for future goals and accomplishments to come to be. Please and thank you. A’ight.
  • It’s less than a week before I take the GRE; and GRE prep has taught me nothing except that I am not Euro-smart. Actually, I already knew that—so it just reiterated my knowledge. I’m sure I will find a way to code-switch on Game Day, but I’ll always be Afro-smart and that suffices for me.
  • Grey’s Anatomy, that was not a finale. I know, I know. Rona!
  • Ozark is life. I eagerly wait for each opening scene to end so I can note the four symbols inside of the “O.” The intellectual thrill of figuring the episode’s story line based on these four clues gives me quite the rush. Oh, just me? Fine. My favorite character is now dead. My second favorite is developing nicely and I have six more episodes to go. Don’t spoil it for me. Television isn’t my first or favorite hobby. Give me some time.

~Love, Light, and Musings


  1. Sierra Bizzell

    I love the way you present your thoughts! Don’t worry too much about the GRE. You’ve got this! ❤️

    • Ms. Jae

      Hi, Sierra! Oh, this blesses me so! Girl, the GRE is kickin’ my whole tail! But, you’re right! I got this! ~Love, Jae

  2. AMO

    Your musings are LIFE! 💖 We love your updated blog.
    I look forward to figuring out those 4 symbols too at beg of O.

    • Ms. Jae

      Hi! Thank you so much! I appreciate the support. Oh, great! It is not just me, then. I love those Ozark symbols. ~Until next time, Jae

  3. Dianna

    Hey Ms Jae I love this and you are encouraging your Auntie to start My own blog about Dreams.
    Mine are soooooo real and I remember them from years ago. Get that Phd Girl!!!! I love you 💕 Aunt Dianna

    • Ms. Jae

      Hi, Auntie! Please start your blog. I inherited my writing and creativity from my father and since he is no longer here (and you are all I have left from that side), I would love to see you in action! Do it! Do it! Do it! ~Love, Jae


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