Ms. Jae’s Musings ~ 04 May 2020

May 8, 2020 | Culture

This is the week of May 4, 2020.

Agriculturally, Astronomically, welcome to Month 2.

There is Cinco de Mayo. There is May’s Full Moon, the Flower Moon.

There is more Ramadan. I published this post.

And at some point this week, my graduate students graduate with a master’s degree in International Education.

I am so proud of them and only wish this wasn’t a virtual commencement.

These are my top ten (shareable) thoughts in this week’s rhapsody of Miss Jae’s Musings:

1. Music. I am beyond ready for the Badu v. J. Scott battle this weekend. Badu has a vibe that J. Scott doesn’t; and J. Scott has a soul that Badu doesn’t—so this will be interesting, entertaining, and vibrating all at the same time. My favorite song is “Orange Moon” by Erykah, so Imma’ root a lil’ harder for her. Y’all ready? #blackgirlmagic

2. Race. Blackfolk, Skinfolk, Kinfolk: Y’all alright? I have nothing more to say. I only want to check on my People. #ahmaudarbery

3. Professional Development. I registered for two graduate summer courses this week. One course is to sharpen my knowledge and skills in my current position. The content is on managing non-profits. The other course is to prepare myself for graduate school. I have yet to reveal the type of doctoral program I have chosen, so I cannot tell you the name of the course or it would be a giveaway, but more soon. Anyone else out here “bettering” their professional selves? #journeytodrjae

4. GRE. Because the writing portion is scored by humans (and not the computer), I have to wait 2 weeks to receive this score. This is the only section of the exam I truly care about. Is it next Friday yet? Yo’ girl wanna know. #gradschool

5. Cinco de Mayo. This is the first time I have ever “celebrated” in the house before, but I pulled it off. I made chicken fajitas, cilantro lime rice, cumin black beans, and peach margaritas. It SLAPPED. What did y’all do?  #inmyheadIamSpanish

6. Books. I am currently reading Piecing Me Together by Renee Watson. Many of my clients rely on me to read young adult literature to offer reviews and insights. This one is a winner for adolescent girls, particularly those who love languages in general, but certainly Spanish. The point of the book is that Jade, the protagonist, is learning to speak to give herself a way out, and also a way in. It’s a true page-turner. #itoldyouIwasSpanish

7. Language. I learned a new word in Spanish this week, y’all! Renacimiento. It translates as “rebirth.” What a beautiful word for me to learn in this season of my life where much transformation and renewing abounds. #SpanishSoul

8. Homeboy/Homegirl Talk. Fellas, I need to hear from you on this here matter. I am genuinely curious in how relationships have shifted amidst COVID-19. I ask anyone who I think will share how has their relationship changed because of the pandemic. One of my homeboys shared that he has less physical contact with his girl. In my sly joke about masturbation to him, he dished back with telling me that men do not stop masturbating because they are in relationships. And quote (with permission): “We masturbate because it’s [a penis] there.” Chile, chile, chile—I had to pick my face up. I know he cannot speak for all men, but um …. can some mo’ men validate this for me? #askingformyself

9. Friendship. I met a new sistah-friend this week and it blesses my heart! I have actively worked on being a better a friend in general, but especially to women and it is serving me greatly. It bothers me when women say they cannot befriend other women. I am a huge proponent that our relationships with men are better when we have sound relationships with each other. Though I have successful relationships with men, I will not forsake my sistahs! #femininepower

10. Rona Graduation. A huge shout-out to the Class of 2020. Virtual graduations were not apart of the deal and that stings. High school seniors, undergrad seniors, graduate and doctoral students—Congratulations! How cool will it be to tell your grandchildren that you accomplished one hell of a milestone smack-dead in the middle of a pandemic? Your story will be a tale that is retold age-to-age. #RonaBlues

~Love, Light, & Musings

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  1. Sierra

    I’m so ready for this “battle”! I need all of the vibes that these two ladies bring. Holding it together this week has been crazy, so it will be great to get some type of musical distraction.


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