Up From Slavery Novel Guide

Up From Slavery Novel Guide


The Up From Slavery Novel Guide includes thoughtful, character-building,  and critical thinking questions with quote analysis for each chapter. This is a writing novel guide for Grades 9-12. Each chapter will ask students to either explain, define, support, or argue a certain issue or position. Also includes a family genealogy research (optional) and a Booker T. Washington and Dr. King compare and contrast exercise. This is not a simple comprehension guide where an answer key is needed to determine accuracy of work or skill, but rather a guide that assists students to develop their own ideas about what they read while remaining consistent with the story and the historical information surrounding it. There are no “wrong answers” as long as the student can support his or her responses in the context of the story/history.

*This guide is non-religious, but the book mentions Old Testament slaves and Christmas and those ideas are brought forth for historical and heritage value in the Novel Guide.


This is a digital product! The cover page (page 1) and the terms of use page (page 2) does not need to be printed. You will need your own copy of the book, Up From Slavery by Booker T. Washington. Once your purchase is complete, an emailed will be sent to you with the download link. The link is active for 72 hours. Please open the email, click on the link, and download your digital file to your computer/drive/online file storage account as soon as you purchase even if you do not plan to use the Novel Guide until later. Purchasers have 3 download limits across 72 hours. I will be unable to send you this Novel Guide via email. You must download it from the purchase link, otherwise you will have to re-purchase. Thank you!


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