The Journey in Choosing My Schools Vlog Series #2

May 15, 2020 | Grad School

Hey, Y’all! Droppin’ in to tell you about my latest vlog series. This entire site (in some way or another) is dedicated to my journey to and through grad school…again. But this time, I plan to score a doctorate degree. (And is this vlog below I reveal what I plan to study as a doctoral student).

In my last episode, I explained my why! I want to personally thank those who have connected with me to share more about graduate school. I appreciate you so much, and I continue to learn with your support each day.

How did I decide which schools would make “my list?” I explain in detail in the video below, however, here is a quick snaphot:

  1. Narrow my professional/academic/research interests.
  2. Expose myself to professionals, practitioners, and professors while they worked (and asked the right questions).
  3. Develop a career plan. (I used Imagine PhD.)
  4. Built rapport with key faculty members, professionals, and practitioners.
  5. Pair individuals with research and schools, and their doctoral programs.
  6. Compose a “my preferences” list to filter schools based on my liking.
  7. Contact program coordinators and directors to establish relationships and ask more direct questions about their program(s).

Then, I studied the admissions list for each school to understand the best way to perform each task.

Once I compiled my list of schools and the admissions task list for each, I began to order that task list so I could begin working through completion. For me, the first task was to take the GRE. I will be about in (approximately) two weeks to discuss how I registered for and prepared for the GRE (especially in the midst of a pandemic).

Thank you for joining my journey!

Until Then,

Love, Light, & PhD


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