The Journey & My ‘Why’ Vlog Series #1

Apr 24, 2020 | Grad School

Hey, Y’all! Just stoppin’ in to tell you about my latest vlog series. This entire site (in some way or another) is dedicated to my journey to and through grad school…again. But this time, I plan to score a doctorate degree. (I will tell you in what a lil’ bit later on.)

As with any major decision-making and planning, it’s important to define the WHY! Why in the heck am I chronicling (damn near step-by-step, and in real time, no less) this milestone? I’ll give you the short answer below; but you’ll have to visit my YouTube Channel to get The Full Monty! It has been a dream of mine to earn my PhD since undergrad and eventually become a termed or tenured university professor.

  1. To establish accountability for myself.
  2. To inspire and teach.
  3. To be a resource to my community.
  4. To venture outside my comfort zone, especially in the area of vulnerability.
  5. To build and maintain social and professional networks related to my doctoral studies.

I thank you for joining my journey! Let’s see what the next few years hold. I kinda’ gotta’ pass the GRE first. I’ll be back in a week (or so) to share how I decided on my choice schools.

Until Then,

Love, Light, & PhD


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