Welcome back (again!)

Nov 18, 2020 | Lifestyle


Fall has graced us early, the election is over, and we’re still here surviving through 2020’s Pandemic. 

I realize I have been quiet for a while, but it’s because I have been planning and producing some amazing work. It has been hard being away from Miss Jae’s Musings, though it was so necessary to step away and come back strong. I am excited to update you on what has been going on with me.  

First, I spent most of the summer creating course that will launch the beginning of 2021. You are in for a treat in the new year.  

Next, I designed my new website. I hope you love it as much as I do! Why a new website? I wanted to invest in myself and restructure my work so I could best align my offerings with my purpose. Over the years, I learned what works and what does not. I learned what is for me and what is not. I have also realized the best way I can show up for the those in my circle and my network including myself. I am confident in the time I have spent designing a new process and better place for you.   

In other news, I successfully taught a semester of undergrads via Zoom at a local university. Thankfully, I had plenty of experience teaching virtually pre-pandemic. Grad school applications are coming along nicely too. Fingers crossed that I am admitted into one of my top three schools. Results coming soon.   

Last, I want to sign off with some newbies I’ve added. I have both live and on-demand that I invite you to explore. A new volume of my history program, Our History Revealed™, is coming soon! Pre-order your copy today! I have also brought a few of my learning programs back and added some new ones.  

Welcome, look around, stay a while, and buy yourself a thing a two.


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